Ghosts are everywhere

When I was a young child my mother would always talk to us about the supernatural, ghosts and other paranormal things. It was to a point that literally it consumed my every waking moment. In the day, at school or work and certainly at night before going to bed.

One very dark fall night as a young child, I lied in bed with my eyes open and started to stare at the ceiling and at the door to my room. It was so dark that you could barely make a thing out. As I focused more and more, it was like I was looking at TV static.

All of a sudden I started to see this shadow, a figure moving around and as it came closer it became brighter and brighter as if it were made of particles, excited particles moving as if I were watching a TV screen. I was scared, my heart was racing and I tucked under my sheets to try to hide from it.

I felt the edge of my bed sink and I got out from under my covers and screamed in fear.

My mother came racing in and I told her my story. She believed me as my dad felt it was nonsense though concerned.

The next day my mother put candles in my room and said a few prayers. This was not the last time I was haunted by this shadow ghost; though it did stay away for a long while.

The Musk
  • The Musk
  • This is a a bit about myself - love space and restaurants....

    And who knows what else I like.
    Rocket science and all things electric!

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