Hiding under the table

The year was 1977 short of turning 9 years old, I was at home with brother and mom, though our mom had to run out to do some food shopping leaving my brother and I alone, for a short while. We were rarely ever left at home alone, though our mother thought we would be safe in our apartment while she ran to the store to buy groceries.

My brother and I were sort of scared to be left alone in our apartment and this wasn’t our first time.  We of course said OK. I mean, what else could we say as she didn’t seem too keen on bringing us with her. Maybe our mom just needed to get away from us. Who really knows.

As she left my brother put the TV on, to watch some afternoon cartoons in the living area of our apartment. Mind you our place was not small by NYC standards. In fact it was big considering we lived in Manhattan.

While my brother and I were watching cartoons, we heard some noise coming from one the bedrooms.  We did have a cat, though this sounds like some walking and banging stuff. At first we thought it was the cat, then realized it wasn’t. The noise was coming from our sister’s room who was still in school. The noise wasn’t the radiator and now it started to sound like if someone or something was struggling to breath.

The breathing was labored and whatever it was in our sister’s room, it sounded like it was walking around with one leg dragging.   We sat by the door trying to make it out, then her door shut, sort of a slam. We screamed in fear and ran away into the dining area and hid under our dinning table.

Our dinning table had a former dining cloth which pretty much went from the top of the table to the floor.  It felt more like a tent than anything and we felt safe there. Then whatever what was in our sister’s bedroom started to make its way out of her room and into the dining area.  We could see a shadow on the ground, though that was it. The shadow then walked around the table, breathing labored, sounding like it was dragging one foot.  This went on for a few minutes.

My brother and I held our breath and tried not to make a sound. We were scared to death and didn’t want whatever this was to find us.

We then heard the front door being opened and we thought this shadowy thing was leaving when it was our mother coming in.  She yelled for us and we came running out from under the table.

Out of breath from fear we tried our best to explain to her what happened and our Mom was sympathetic to our fear.  She said that next time this happened, to yell at it to go away. We could assure you that wasn’t happening.

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GhostLogs Admin
3 years ago

That is some amazing story – how long were you guys under the table? Did you get to see what it was?

Raymond Benson
3 years ago
Reply to  Elono Musk

I had a similar experience as a child growing up. Though was never sure if it was a shadow or some demonic creature in our home. I have hidden literally everywhere, under tables, covers, closets and under beds. This gave me the chills.

GhostLogs Admin
3 years ago
Reply to  Raymond Benson

Please tell us more about this!

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