Have you ever felt like you were here before?

Ever since I was a child I felt different in that something about me made me feel connected to another dimension or universe.

I recall one day when I was about 11 years old to be having a conversation with someone or something, though that someone was not there. In fact, I knew that I was the only one that could see it and that it was hard for me to tell what I was speaking too. Was it a spirit or a ghost? Was is it a long lost relative or a force that was in some parallel universe?

Shortly after getting married to my wife Juliette, I recall my newly wedded wife speaking with me about paranormal activities she experienced as a child, one which included her having a conversation with a spirit.  This obviously took be my surprise and then I told her my story. We both looked at each other to then try to describe to each other what we recalled.

Our memories described a spirit in form, almost as if it were a myst from which would often stand beside our beds or near a corner of our rooms.  This spirit like thing wouldn’t open its mouth and it apparently spoke to us seemingly telepathically, however, we both spoke to it vocally.  Often our parents would hear us have conversations with this spirit and they would be in awe as to what was going on, not knowing if we were OK though made no mention of ghosts or spirits to us. Our parents never made a big deal out of these conversations and we both though they misunderstood us.

Neither Juliette nor I could clearly remember these conversations, though we recall pieces of our conversations here and there.  My memories were similar to my wife, though the difference in conversation was who this spirit would be talking about. In my case, it was often about a young girl and to my wife it was about a young boy.   Needless to say, having this conversation with my wife and hearing how similar our experiences are spooked us.

A few weeks had passed since we had this conversation and Juliet had some time to think about what she and this spirit would talk about. Nothing really came to mind then all of a sudden she remembered a name. That name was William and that was the name her spirit would talk her often about. When Juliette told me this and it then hit me that I too recalled a name my spirit spoke of and that name was Abegael.

Both again spooked, we decided to seek some professional help and called someone we knew that could do some regression therapy, hopefully helping us recall our spirit conversations better.  Juliette and I were both excited and scared. We had no clue what we would uncover.

We were referred to someone that we will call Becky for this report as she is a very private person.

Becky is a hypnotherapist and psychotherapists that happens to do a ton of paranormal research. She seemed to be a good fit for us and Becky was very understanding to what we had hoped to learn and what we wanted to find out more about like; Who was this spirit?,   Was it the same spirit for my wife and I?, Lastly, who are William and Abegael?

A few days had passed and it was now time to meet with Becky. We arrive to her home office and she greeted us with a glass of wine, saying that it would help the nerves and she then proceeded to burn sage saying that burning sage will keep the spirits calm. The production seemed interesting though we were skeptical about all of this sage burning.

Becky asked us to take a seat and as soon as we sat down she said to us “Who is William and who is Abegael”?  Our jaws just dropped since we didn’t tell Becky a thing about our experience or the names. I looked at my wife and she confirmed this as well.   Becky said that after we called, a spirit appeared in her room, stood in the corner and said, “Please let William and Abegael know that I say hello and I love them”.  We were shocked and had no clue how this could be happening.

In a sort of shocked state, Becky asked my wife if she would be willing to be hypnotized first and Juliette agreed.  As I watched Juliette repeat a series of statements that Becky asked her to repeat, Juliette all of sudden became very calm and quiet.  Becky then asked her first questions, “what is your name and why are you here?”

To me, I was sort of confused as to why Becky would be asking Juliette this question when she clearly knew her name already. To my surprise, my wife would not say her name though she said her name was Abegael and that she was here to find her brother. I didn’t know what to think when she said this. My head was spinning, was I William? Why did she say Abegael? Was my wife possessed?

As Becky asked more questions it then came to be known that  my wife is the reincarnation of Abegael and if that was true, I must be William!

Becky calmly woke my wife Juliette up out of her hypnosis, she had no clue what just happened and when I tried to explain that to her what happened, she looked at me in disbelief. Becky and I assured her it was all true and to me completely other worldly and bizarre.   Becky has seen cases like ours before and she then asked me if I was OK to go next.

I laid down on the sofa and recall repeating a few things Becky asked me to say. I as out and that was all I remembered.  When I came out of my hypnosis, Juliette told me that I was William and that we were not brother and sister, though step brother and sister and in love. That the spirit that came to us was our mother, though not his. She raised William as her own.  She was not sure what happened, though it seemed that we go through this often, finding each other over and over again. That our love for each other never ceases and we live on.

Both of us were happy that our story was not one of tragedy and that our spirit ghosts was in fact a relative. This still doesn’t make me feel this whole thing is bizarre and to some extent scary; though knowing that I am in love with a woman that has loved me for such a long time, is an incredible thing to know.

It has been a very long time since we wedded and since we met with Becky. In fact, we never saw her again. My love for Juliette still is full all these later and as history has proved thus far; it might continue in our next lives.

Raymond Benson
  • Raymond Benson
  • I like to read and write about all things ghosts related.

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