Is The Beast Among Us?

This story is just my impression and one that I can say that I am not alone in experiencing.  It is concerning and the intent is not for it to be political at all, however, this report and its implications can be political and too some, it may even downright piss them off.  Who knows, it may even fuel some to do more insane acts from which will convince me that there is indeed a devilish influence among us.

About 12 years ago I was watching the news on TV, ironically FOX television which has a notorious reputation to many in America. While watching the news, the news host started to interview Donald Trump (the current President of the United States), showing a picture of him on the lower right corner.

As Donald Trump (then not President) was complaining about the then President Obama, his image on the lower right side appeared to have shifting eyes, that then became filed with flames. I took a pause for a minute,  not sure what had just happened, thinking to myself that had to be some sort of visual effect the news channel did or was I seeing things?

That night I went to bed and it was a night to remember with very vivid, dark and very disturbing dreams.  The dreams showed plague and death, people worshiping a man that was possessed who then would burn and torture souls for their power. That the goal of this man was to tear humanity apart at all costs and make them believe he was a God or Godly.  That man is now our President and from that day that I had seen this vision until now, it keeps me up at night wondering if in fact Donald Trump is possessed.

I know many friends, conservative ones that felt Obama was the Antichrist, maybe he too had some influence of power, though nothing I have ever sensed like the evilness of current POTUS.  As I look at the POTUS now, it is like I continue to witness a struggle of the good in him versus the evil in him.  Is he possessed? I mean, he wouldn’t be the first person.

The only reason why I bring this up as the world is currently suffering in so many ways. We have a pandemic out of control and many of us are out of work. Naturally all we do is pay attention to the news and I would watch the POTUS speak daily, religiously about how and what he was going to do to save us.  It was like the good was beating this possession that I think he has.  Then one day,  as he was being asked hard questions by the press (and mind you I was rather annoyed too by this line of questions) his eyes changed again. Those same fiery eyes that I saw many years ago, though this time it was not from a single image, it was happening as he moved around.  He was angry, torn and then walked off the stage and I thought to myself; he must be possessed.

Their have been rumors of dark arts being used by those that are considered the elites of the world.  Some have even said the Illuminati can be at work here.  I am not as familiar with any of these things though I have read some disturbing things about these groups that seem to be above the law and humanity.  It is all very concerning.

Is the President possessed? Are many of our elected officials too?  I don’t know though there might be reason to believe this at least in my eyes.

Again, these are just my visions and suspicions that I hope I can share.  No doubt, there is good and evil in everyone of us that we need to control.  Don’t let evil win.

Raymond Benson
  • Raymond Benson
  • I like to read and write about all things ghosts related.

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Elono Musk
3 years ago

Whoa. This might cause a huge commotion.

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