A Hallway Haunting

A few years ago I had gotten a new action camera that I wanted to test out before taking it on the road with my family.  Excited, I unboxed it, slipped the SD card into the camera and headed out to take some video and stills with this handy action cam.

My kids decided they would come along, both of them very young then and eager to see some cool new technology in action, considering how big our and clunky our other video camera was, this was tiny. Our littlest loved how small this camera was.

We ventured out into the hall, the camera had no screen so, I could not see what was being recorded though I knew when it was in record mode due to the LED on top of the device.

I get out of the apartment, press the one button record button and started recording.  As I passed my neighbors apartment to the steps, I noticed the camera LED went dim and then out and back on again.   It was very odd that this would happen to a new camera and thought perhaps it needed more charge.

We decided to head back in to charge the camera and when I plugged it in, the camera LED indicated that the charge was 100% full.   Naturally I thought that it must have been a glitch so, I turned the camera on, walked out into the hall and again as I passed my neighbors apartment, the LED dimmed and the camera went off again.  I was stumped.

The kids wanted to go outside so, rather than go back in, I decided to just head out with now a glitchy camera.  As I headed outside, the camera came back on and the device appeared to be working perfectly.  So, we took a ton of what we thought was a ton of video.

On our way back in to our building our daughter started to call the camera by the name “puppy” and I figured it might be funny to show a first person view of the camera, pretending to be the perspective of a dog.

I chased the kids around the hallway and up the stairs barking like the camera was the dog and as we passed our neighbors apartment the lights dimmed again and the camera went off then on.  At this point I got very spooked as I sensed something was not right.

We entered our apartment, I removed the SD card to view the video and the only video that was on the camera was of  me chasing the kids in the hall by the stairs.  I was pissed, where did the other video go. I searched the folders and know I didn’t delete anything. I ran a utility on the SD card and it showed no other files other than this one file.

Totally perplexed I decided to play this video and I was shocked to hear barking and growling that sounded somewhat demonic! This was not how I was growling and there is a point we aren’t saying anything and you can hear the growling.

I called my wife over to show her and naturally she was totally spooked by this encounter.  We didn’t tell our kids and when we exited the house later that day we felt a sense of uneasiness as we knew that whatever this is might still be there.

We have not played back this video in sometime and are scared to even share it.  Needless to say, we don’t need any weird spirits in our life .

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GhostLogs Admin
4 years ago

We bet walking the hallway was never the same after that! Have you ever gone back out to record video or audio? Would you like to share that video on here?

Raymond Benson
3 years ago

I have had a similar experience before though with a regular camcorder. You will be surprised what people record without knowing it.

Ghost Huntress
3 years ago

I am glad you moved. That would have me completely spooked as well.

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