That time in Connecticut

New Year’s Eve 2001, we along with our friends decided to celebrate the evening at our friend’s lake house at Candlewood Lake.

The house had only been with the family for about 12 years and according to our friend, their caretaker had died a few months earlier. She lived in an apartment that was considered the first floor if you faced the lake, a basement apartment that was open on one side.

The caretaker had lived there for many years, an older woman who became very sick and lived her last days at the house, dying in the home.

According to our friend, he didn’t know her well though she was really attached to the house, like she didn’t want things to change and was not fond of having too much company over, despite being a tenant to our friends for many years.

On New Years night, about twenty of us showed up and despite it being December and soon January, it was atypically warm. Even the lake was not frozen over.

We drank and had a good time and when the clock hit midnight, we decided to take a cold dip into the lake which quickly sobered us up.

All of us came back to the house, sat down and drank some more. It was now about 12:30 then the light switches started to flicker on and off.  You could hear the switch in the kitchen and dining area being clicked on and off.  We all could feel the hair at the back our necks rise and developed goosebumps on our body.  A friend said, well maybe that is our cue to go to bed and get rest.

We headed to our rooms laughing at what just happened, though all of us a bit spooked. Very for some of us.

About 1:15 AM the smoke alarm started to go off and we all rushed and thought we might not put the fire out. Sure enough we didn’t put the fire out, though the screen doors were closed and seemed little concern for causing a fire.

We then made our way to find out which fire alarm was going off.  When we found it, there was a chair under it.  My friend said that was odd. He moved the chair, we went back to bed though one stayed up to get drink of water. A minute or two later we heard our friend yell, “Holy Shit!”.  We then rushed back over and noticed the chair we moved was put back in the spot where the fire alarm was.

I looked up at the fire alarm which was battery operated and the battery was low.  We got a fresh set of batteries, put them in and put the alarm back in its place. The lights then flickered again.

Shocked, we were all wondering what the heck was going on.  Apparently the caretaker was obsessed with making sure the house fire alarms were always working.

Who knows what this experience was. It was for sure frightening.

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Elono Musk
4 years ago

Wow that is some insane story! Did you ever go back to your friend’s house? Do they still have that ghost in their house?

Oscar DeWilde
4 years ago

We have had similar experiences.

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