Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle in Ireland  is one of the most haunted castles in Ireland, which claims to have at least five identifiable ghosts gracing its halls.  Malahide Castle was owned by a single family, the Talbots, for nearly 800 years.  The only time the house was out of the Talbots’ control was from 1649 to 1660, when Oliver Cromwell granted the property to one of his loyalists, Miles Corbett. Miles was made to pay for his crimes and was later hanged, drawn and quartered at Malahide to serve as an example to those who conspired against the Crown, his ghost is one of the five that haunts Malahide Castle. It is reported that his apparition appears as a whole soldier in armour, which then suddenly falls into pieces.

The second and third ghosts is a story of young love between Miss Matilda “Maud” Plunkett, daughter of the Baron of Killeen and a young soldier, Walter Hussey, Lord Galtrim. As Lord Galtrim was on duty and could not leave Malahide, his father petitioned the Talbots for permission to marry at Malahide.  The Talbots agreed. There are two versions of Lord Galtrim and Maud Plunkett’s wedding day.  One version states that Galtrim was ambushed on his way to the wedding, stabbed and killed by his rival.  The other, more oft-told version, is that Galtrim and Plunkett were married the morning of Whit Monday 1429, also known as Monday of the Holy Spirit.  A few hours later, Galtrim was killed in battle, possibly by his rival.  Either way, Lord Galtrim’s ghost haunts Malahide castle as he wanders the halls and points to the grievous spear wound in his side while emitting dreadful groans. Workers and guests have said that Maud appears as she did on the day of her marriage as she chases Lord Galtrim’s spirit through the corridors. 

A fourth spirit is Puck, a jester who fell in love with Gerard FitzGerald’s daughter, Lady Eleanor, who was detained at the castle by Henry VIII for inciting rebellions.There are a number of stories about what happened next.   Some say Puck was distracted by the lady and hung himself for failing in his sentry duties.  Others say Puck was rejected and hung himself in misery.  It has even been suggested that the Talbots found the match unsuitable and took steps to end it.  Most versions of Puck’s story, though, say that one snowy night in December, Puck was found mysteriously stabbed through the heart, still wearing his jester suit and cap. Before his death, he swore that he would haunt here until a master with a bride from the people ruled this castle. However, he promised not to harm any male Talbot who slept here. Puck is reportedly a mischievous spirit with a penchant for photo bombing.  He has shown up in several photographs, including one picture of the ivy on the castle’s exterior walls.

The White Lady is the fifth apparition. The White Lady is a painting of a very beautiful, but unknown lady which hangs on the castle’s Great Wall. It is said that she would leave her painting at times and wander through the grounds at night.

This castle is on my list to visit and sure to be a ghostly experience.

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Oooh – I like people that go by the name “Ghost Huntress”!

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